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Complete Nevada Corporation Package: Only $199!

      ✓ All State Filing Fees
      ✓ Name Availability Check
      ✓ Drafting/Filing Formation Documents
      ✓ Free Registered Agent Service for 6 Months ($129 annual renewal)
      ✓ Sample By-Laws
        Optional Services/Products:
        Certified Copy of State Filed Documents: $30
(issued by the State of Nevada)
        Employer Identification Number (EIN): $60
(required to open a bank account and file taxes)
        S-Corporation Application: $79
(allows for pass-through taxation)
        Prepay 1 Year of Registered Agent Service: $89
(a savings of $30)
        Corporation Kit & Seal: $89
(includes share certificates, sample Minutes, transfer ledger, etc.)
        All of the Above Services: $478
(a savings of $68)

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