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Why Incorporate in Nevada?

Nevada provides business owners a wide range of advantages of over incorporating in other states. Here are just a few:

  • Nevada does not require disclosure of shareholder information, whereby the shareholders/members (owners) of corporations or LLCs are not kept in Nevada's public records or are available for public viewing

  • Shareholders/members (owners) of Nevada' corporations or LLCs have unlimited liability protection from creditors, as the creditor cannot seize the personal assets of its owners. They are also granted very good protection from personal liability

  • Taxation is considered "pass-through" for Nevada' S-corporations and LLCs, and the state does not impose franchise tax, or taxes on capital stock, inheritance fees or reporting fees. Shareholders/members (owners) of Nevada' corporations can act as directors, managers or any executive office.

  • The office of a Nevada' corporations or LLC can be located outside of the state of Nevada', and the shareholders/members (owners) need not be a United States Citizen

  • There is no minimum capital investment required for Nevada' corporation or LLCs.

  • Stock/membership can be transferred privately, without having the need to file a public notice with the state of Nevada.

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